18 days gone

Two weeks down plus change. Still not feeling as though I have started the new year. I have certainly neglected the writing side of things. And the selling of the writing too. A brief look at the Amazon numbers tells me I won’t be retiring any time soon. Number one on my list of things to do is get the writing empire running again.

Too many projects want to be picked next. It’s like being in a classroom and asking kids to answer a question. Most, if not all, are there with their hands held as high as possible, some even standing up as if that’s going to get them noticed more than the rest. A few even make that strange ‘uhhn’ panting noise to show … to show they exist I suppose. No, today I am writing a long overdue story for my children. Erotica next, but today it’s for kids.

Writing aside, the failure of The Shore to make anywhere near the impact of the previous titles is clearly down to my decision to tame the cover down. Clearly a taming too far. While I had thought that people would search for erotica based on their own search terms and then the blurb provided with the book, I think the cover has a lot more impact that I had realised. I know in book-stores it’s all important, but that’s because you are browsing and ONLY see the covers (or spines). In an online store searching will bring you into first contact which normally gives you the book blurb too. In the world of erotica I’ve never known a sexy book cover to have anything to with the story inside, yet one can assume that it’s like an advertisement saying ‘this book IS sexy’.

Pricing seems to have had little to do with sales either. I know it does with other genres, but erotica… people seem to be willing to pay $0.99-2.99 for a short story (even if it is a little short). There will be one more erotica title to add to the current titles, and then who knows. I’ll decide then.

Pity that Amazon filters on such vague guidelines. But I think the cover needs to go back to sexy. So… yeah, sexy it will be. Current covers can stay as they are. And its certainly too cold to shoot anything for a new replacement cover for The Shore. I hate working with free pictures, but sometimes conditions just kick you to the kerb and you have to use what’s available.

Ok, time to get back to work. I think my New Year has finally started.


With a little effort

Quite amazing how long a simple site update can take. Moved a few things around and added the second of the short stories that I have on Amazon to the list of erotica available via the menu. Added a few ways to get to it all actually. Probably a small portion of overkill, but I like the way I’ve done it for now, so it remains.

I actually have the next three stories ready for proofreading and cover design too. Must pull my finger out there. Writing them takes the least time of all. It’s everything else that takes forever.

Might also help if things were a bit warmer here. Cold is creeping in already and the heating here feels broken. Nothing worse than typing with freezing cold fingers. You wouldn’t believe the number of typos this entry had before I fixed them. Damn cold!

Next on the agenda – get some more interest in my Facebook page. Really want to be able to have the name fixed, and I think I need 30 likes for that? How hard can it be to get 30 likes?

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