Early Monday Morning

Another  Monday. Woke up alone. Wish I had someone around to share certain feelings with. That’s the problem with moving around with your work. Coffee helps me wake up but that drives the dreams away. They were going anyway but the feeling they leave melts away faster. I don’t like mornings like this.

To walk out into the sunshine or to get straight down and write. Yesterday taught me the value of getting out. During my run I saw a middle aged couple leaning against a wall enjoying a break while out cycling. They must have been out on a dare because she was wearing a see through top with no bra. Cute people. Normally that would be filed away as something that might make it into a story, but with all the effort of getting Last Night in Berlin out I found my thoughts unable to do any but think about publishing. Howard and Hilda (my own names, and who they reminded me off from Last of the Summer Wine) will have to wait for their appearance in my writing.

Let’s be clear. This is an experiment. I am not expecting to get rich from this. I am not even sure I will get a single sale. Marketing is not my strong point, and in fact I may have already shot myself in the foot by using a pen name which has taken me back to step one in my readership. Hah. What readership. There’s that to build up again, but with all the tools available today I just don’t want my erotic writings linked to the real me. Not yet.

I’ve already had second thoughts about price points. Friends have expressed doubts as to people being willing to buy short stories for the equivalent of $2.99. However, Amazon’s royalty payment for less means it is simply not worth the time invested. Makes me realise why people want $10+ for larger works and full length novels.

Let’s also be clear on the subject matter. There is a premium for erotica that you can read on the safety of a personal device. Nobody sees you buy it, nobody knows you have it, and people would have to get really close to read what it is you have in your hands.

And yes, my first is more visceral than traditional erotica. That too has been pointed out. Some stories benefit from a nice slow build-up, others do not – Eva is in 1945 Berlin, the Russians are coming, so her time is brief. However it’s a long way from a lot of the BDSM, Daddy porn, ‘rape’, breeder, incest, and other things out there. I have a friend who writes incest, ‘barely legal’, and ‘her first time’ rape fantasies. They sell. Is that what people want? Well, that’s what this experiment is for, to answer that question.