The Shore

The ShoreDespite the best efforts of November, The Shore is now published on KDP. Click the picture to go through to the book page. It’ll cost you the pricely sum of 99 cents. Not even a dollar!

It’s based partly on real life events (I know both people the tale is based on and what really happened that day) . I’ll leave it up to the imagination of the reader to decide where real life stopped and my imagination took over. The water really was that cold though, and at least up until they get out of the water, all the spectators were there too.

The cover concept has been revised due to previous covers being filtered by Amazon. They’ve been filtering anything that shows any flesh. Maybe I went too far in toning things down. One observation has been that the cover looks like it might be literary rather than erotica. I was going to take the cover picture myself (this is a royalty free image with free permission to use) in which case I would have had a pile of clothes in the foreground. Otherwise I’m not sure I would have changed it much at all anyway.

I have to come think that a cover doesn’t need to ooze sex. What do you think?


Her Final Show

Her Final showI have to say, real life is being a bitch right now. Despite a few hundred interuptions I finally got the third short story out.

Reflections of real life here only in that I did research a fairly well known webcam site for the main character’s muse. Partner gave me more than enough help looking through the pages and pages of models. I did consider joining the site as a model for research purposes, but got cold feet. And my ego is not ready for some of the vile trolls and assholes that frequent those kinds of sites.

Have to say that I really admire the women that give it a go. Some of the shows are out of this world.

Running blind with taboos

Finished editing the second short story (7000+) words.  Happy enough, made a table of contents, final proof read done, got my cover and I am ready to upload to Amazon.  While I am doing this I am curious about something. I check via Google. My unrelated search threw up something about banned books and books being removed from sale. Intrigued, I investigate.

Step backwards. This is a story I wrote years and years ago. It’s actually drawn from two real life experiences; one is mine and the other is from a girlfriend. My element is an experience as an Au-pair in Surrey. The eyes of the men in those situations are always on you; mostly harmless glances and trying to see down your top or up your skirt. It really depended on the family you were placed with. Sometimes yes, the people were hot. I know friends who slept with husbands and sometimes wives. It happens.

The second element was a sexual encounter related by a friend. She had been taking a break in a relationship and became involved with guy who happened to have a non-identical twin. One day, while all sitting on the sofa she and her guy start mucking around and it leads to sex. Right in front of the other brother.  Yes, she fantasized about having sex with both of them. She also fantasized about watching them perform together too.  That fantasy did not come true. Instead, the other brother undid his trousers and masturbated to orgasm while watching them fuck, then simply left.

In my story they became brother and sister, not twins; the twenty-something son and daughter of an elderly couple who employ our Au-pair to learn some French. The daughter arrives, seduces the Au-pair, and reveals her reason; she’s an escort who pays women to have sex with her elderly father. The Au-pair feelings trampled, she decides that the money is the only thing worth being at the party for and agrees. After having sex with him, the daughter comes to see how she is and continue her own seduction. They are joined by her brother and all have sex together.

Incest. I wanted to push the envelope when I wrote it. I presented the whole thing through the eyes of the non-family member so it could explore her confrontation with various taboos. First the age gap of a much older man, then the shock of seeing the two people you desire turn out to be brother and sister. It’s not a social experiment. In the story she is disgusted by the old man at first, and then turned on by her own feelings. Likewise she sees her role with the brother and sister as the spectator. She saw them kiss and grope earlier in the evening, and at the end she is on the bed with both of them. They have sex together, all of them.

In literature, incest is a taboo that is explored as a hidden shame. In erotica it is presented as a sexual taboo; a boundary to push against or cross. It is there to titillate and excite, to make you squirm and feel uncomfortable, to make you feel their shame, embarrassment, and perhaps even empowerment.

Incest is also illegal.

Amazon has a blanket ban on certain topics. Incest is one of them. There is a loop-hole; the brother and sister can be non-blood relations. It could be a step-father with age of consent stepson or stepdaughter too.

Reading the Amazon content guild-lines didn’t help. Reading the various blogs talking about the trouble with Amazon filtering their books was much more helpful. Mostly it allowed me to step back and get back out of the main character’s head. I realised I wasn’t trying to shock the character but the reader. Notwithstanding the obvious problem of not being able to publish anything in erotica containing incest, I realised it made the story wrong.

I changed the story; initially just one word. In the scene where Christian introduces himself as the brother, I changed that one word to husband. Amazingly, that one word changed the dynamics of the whole story. Gone is the brother sister incestual relationship, in comes the husband and wife tag-team predator relationship. One word did all that. I removed a few more things that no longer quite made sense, but 99.9% of the story remained unchanged.

The erotica is a side-line. I normally write other fiction. Incest in literature is exploratory and questioning, part of a plot leading to other issues, conflicts, and resolutions.  In erotica it is titillation. I think my erotica is better off without it.

(Note: I truly believe that what consenting adults want to do with each other, especially in private is utterly between them.)

1 of 5

1/5 done. Now to give the other four starting stories a sanity check, some last spit and polish, and the cover designs some thought. And more coffee. And more sleep. At the same time.

And while I haven’t been asked this here, but it was something asked over coffee while discussing this venture, no these are not all real fantasies. I mean, they are fantasies, but not particularly all things I would like to do. Some certainly are. Some are done and dusted. Sometimes I simply have a fertile imagination. Sometimes I am downright weird 🙂

However, never say never. You can be that drunk and that stoned. *blush*