Oral surgery is great. The drugs keep the pain away, but it’s wiped out November. Looking at the monitor for more than a few minutes undoes all the great work the painkillers do, so I’ll keep this short. November has been cancelled. Urgh.

Fast forwarding to December. See you there.



14 days of whateverthefuckthatwas and I’m mostly better. Still coughing a bit, still got way too much slime coming out of me, but the worst is over. Whatever the hell that was, please go your way and never darken my door again.

Two weeks of mind dulling coughing and cold/flu has made me put up my NaNo fingers and admit an early defeat. I am more in mind of a tactical retreat as I am back to writing and if I feel like it can even add it to my NaNo total. However, There are changes.

NaNo was supposed to be a kick in the ribs for my erotica challenge. However, that’s largely come to a premature end. My challenge partner had most of his titles removed by Amazon. This got us talking about the reasons why. Seems his erotica was rather more niche than I was lead to believe. not only that but he showed me some of the empirical evidence of what people were buying from his older, now unavailable, titles. Ordinary erotica actually fared very badly. What did sell? Well, the search terms that brought most people to his website and out again to Amazon were ‘barely legal’, ‘forced’, inter-racial’, ‘breeder’ and some terms I don’t even want on this page. Given the hits that ordinary erotica was getting and how much is out there, I was surprised my vanilla stories had any sales at all.

Sales all but fizzled in October anyway. With the rest of life’s demands, I was behind in my output. Was supposed to be five titles by October, and twelve by January. I still have just three. (working on four after posting this) Still, I thought people might still stumble across them. Another problem with Amazon, you don’t get to see who lands on your page or looks at your titles. Pity. The bottom line though, not one sale so far in November.

Knowing I was ill and not going to be putting anything out I also put in another small experiment. I dropped the prices of all of them to 99 cents. Two weeks at that price and still nothing. I hadn’t made any announcement about it. I wanted to see if just having cheap erotica for sale would be enough to sell. It was not. They will stay at that price. The challenge is over and they were only 2.99 as part of that. 2.99 is too expensive for a 7000 word short story. But dropping into Amazon’s 35% royalty payment level sucks.

As much as I enjoy writing, I have other things that require my attention. I’m here to stay of course, but the erotica will be no more than one a month. If that. Other projects beckon. And as a paying job, writing erotica isn’t something I would recommend. My day job, that’s a different matter 🙂

NaNoWriMo Notes Day 6

This is one hell of a cold but I’m over the worst. Still more slime coming up than seems natural and I really shouldn’t have watched Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ the other night. November 6 and I feel OK for the first time in a week.

Couple of things have happened in the last few days. First of all I am seriously behind in my NaNoWriMo word count. I have been writing, but not for that. Which brings me to the question; why am I doing NaNo if I am so busy? The usual purpose of NaNo is to get people writing. I am already writing – I’ve just finished another piece under my real name. I wanted NaNo to help me with my Erotica challenge. Part of that was getting more written. Not necessarily 50,000 words but I was hoping to get a story a day out. I still am. But real life comes first, and since I am writing, I don’t feel as bad if I do let it slide. We’ll see. I have a couple of chores left this morning then I will throw myself into things and see where the day ends up.

Secondly the challenge has hit something of a snag. Well, my sales dried up. My partner blames my pricing became I am writing vanilla erotica and he claims its only ‘niche’ that can happily claim a $2.99 price tag without people venting their spleen about being overcharged. My ‘challenger’ agreed with my partner. He made it clear that his erotica was very hard and even admitted that Amazon had actually pulled a load of his titles.

It is too early yet to draw any conclusions from the couple of months my titles have been on sale. And there are still only three of them. The playing has field changed dramatically over the last  twelve months. All book publishers have come down hard on erotica. Not just what they sell but how easy it is to find it. No publisher wants to be the subject of a ‘my children found Daddy porn’ news story, no matter how manufactured the story really is.

So. NaNoWriMo? My other works will count towards your word count. If I pass 50k, that will give me a victory of sorts. A story a day for November will make me feel good about myself. Do both and I’ll feel like a winner.

So part II. The challenge. It was initially on his historic sales and if I could match them with the aid of social media. I still have three months left. Interesting to note that my ‘challenger’ has put all his stories in one book and is now selling that at the $2.99 price point. We agreed that gives me room to drop my prices 🙂

Right, back to work. Wish me luck.

NaNoWriMo Day 0

My partner infected me with his cold or flu. A great start to the November writing marathon, I’ve been awake all night and asleep all day and am now wondering what I can do to catch up with a handful of painkillers in my system. I might have to write today off. Still, a lot of the day left, but painkillers will only help me so far.

Looking at the screen for longer than 5 minutes makes my eyes want to explode. Not giving up! Pen and paper still count.

Going to watch a movie and eat chocolate. Then write.

Note: Doh, just realised it’s still Cctober. Of course it is, it’s Halloween. This cold has really done a number on me.

30 stories need 30 titles

As well as writing 30 stories in 30 days, I also have to come up with 30 titles too. Bugger. Let’s see…

  •  The October Girl
  • The Leaf Grinder
  • Autumn’s Duvet
  • The December Resolution
  • Don’t Eat the Golden Snow
  • Santa’s Naughty List
  • The Mistletoe Dress
  • The Snowman’s Last Wish
  • Jingled by Belle
  • Christmas Down Under
  • Master Santa, Mistress Claws.


This is going to be harder than it looks.

National Erotic Writing Month

Wake up, get kids ready, get self ready, take kids to school, go to work, finish work, collect kids, amuse kids, feed kids, read to kids, put kids to bed, feed self, collapse. I should probably shower in there somewhere. If partner wants sex he’ll have to make an appointment.

Somewhere in there I have to try to write as well. It’s harder some days than others. So why am I thinking about NaNoWriMo. I must be mad. But it’s that time of year, and mad things have a habit of happening. So why not.

I haven’t officially signed up yet, but this year I am setting my target slightly differently. An erotic short for each day. Minimum of 1500 words per story. Yes, I’m aware this means I need to pick up a few extra words here and there to make my 50,000.

30 stories in 30 days. I’ll add them here as I write them. Wish me luck?