Do you Blog?

‘Do you have a Blog?’

My partner asked me this last night while reading my wordpress ‘blog’ over my shoulder. It was a really dumb question until he explained he meant a Blogger blog not the WordPress blog.

Blogger… No, I don’t feel the need to have a blog there. It would only mirror what I have here, which I partially reproduce already via my tumblr. Also, I just don’t like that Google has it. I think they are going to blend it further and further into Google+ or whatever they are calling their social network. And the less I say about G+ the better.


First foot on the hill

I have forgotten how much fun starting a new blog can be. When I was blogging under my real name it was easier. I had a good circle of friends and acquaintances already blogging and the effort seemed effortless. It was a social thing more than anything. This new blog… I am still being careful. The world out there is not ideal. I work in an industry that simply will look badly on what I write, both personal blogging and the erotica. I even wonder about removing my picture… silhouette as it is, it’s still me and… paranoia, see.

This uphill climb means doing all the social things again. While I am treating this like a business venture, I remembered this morning that this is more than just a social platform; this IS a place to be social. There is simple but very significant difference there.