I’m back. I think. I hope. I had forogtten what getting a new job in a different country can entail. So much bullshit and paperwork over the last couple of months. I’m finaly out of the woods though, and more than that I have finally managed to clear my head above the grey clouds it was all creating for me. I feel like I can think again. I feel free!

My head is empty though. One the one hand it’s great that it’s just ready and waiting to be filled. On the other, I feel weird with no current WIP or even any kind of plan for what to write next. It feels strange, like that moment at the beginning of a race when you are just waiting for the off.


One thought on “Meep!

  1. Welcome back! I’m sure you’ll find something to fill and start writing- well, I hope you do anyway… Missed you!

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