Who knew that the hunt for work could suck so much out of you? So, I’ve been on the look out for a new job for a while, and, I suppose, seriously looking since mid February. I have had a few interviews, including second and third interviews, and somehow keep getting pipped to the post at the very last hurdle. Three times now it has come down to me and one other. However, as demoralising as getting so close so often may seem, I know it is just a matter of time before someone takes me on. Just so long as that happens while I still have a roof over my head, then great.

What really pisses me off are the agents I have to deal with as intermediaries. They are supposed to be helpful. I understand their role as gatekeepers and screening applicants, but when they they tell you a client wants a phone interview and then they go dead and wont return your calls, when you have two really great interviews and then go cold and wont return your calls, when they tell you they are just waiting for confirmation of a contract offer and then wont return your calls.

A bit of professionalism here guys. I get it, you are really just sales-people. Your time is money, but so is ours. And you are fucking wasting it with this bullshit attitude and way of doing your business. Have the balls to tell me I did not get the role, the client didn’t get final funding, or that they just changed their mind. Feedback matters.

I have a long list of agents and agencies I will never work with again, and it grows depressingly longer every week.

All of this means I have zero energy for writing. Pretty much zero energy for anything else right now. But I shall return. Oh yes, I will be back.


One thought on “Blarg

  1. That’s horrible; if it helps to hear it though- from the other end of it (using an agent as the employer), I know that I too have dropped them- fast- if I find out they’re that unprofessional.

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