Insert tab A into slot B

Just connected this blog to my Google Plus account (stop laughing) and my tumblr. Disconnected my tumblr from my Facebook. Tumblr still connects to my Twitter. Twitter now connects to my Facebook. Nothing connects to my Pinterest.

So one post here should reach all those. They shouldn’t loop and crash the internet. And I’ll worry about Pinterest another day.

Let’s just test this then shall we?


7 thoughts on “Insert tab A into slot B

    • Seems I am failing right now too. I can see the post personally, and it even tells me it is shared publically, but I cannot see it from another browser. Otherwise it was just done via the sharing option in the WordPress dashboard.

    • My post just appeared publically at last. Not sure why it took so long to appear to other people. But it works. Be sure to go into your G+ settings and check what publishing rights WordPress has. Now I should go and find some people to add to my very empty G+ circles.

  1. Have you guys searched the WordPress plugins repository for any of the free “add G+ widget to your blog” plugins? Most would work with either the self-hosted or hosted versions of WP (I see Southern Sir is using self-hosted, and Rebekkah is using hosted). Hope this helps a little? 🙂

    • The widgit worked for me. G+ just took some time to allow the entry to be read by other accounts. In all, Facebook gave me the most problems when trying to connect it with anything. I find that each platform only presents itself quite differently to each other social application. What I ended up happiest with was WordPress feeding to G+ and Tumblr (which feeds to Twitter, which feeds to Facebook).

  2. Can’t decide about Google + and haven’t dipped toe into Tumblr yet. Just started Pinterest but not sure if it’s worth it. I do like the way it connects with Twit & Face though.
    Keep up the good work
    Pip x

    • I get the impression I just don’t look at enough Pinable things with respect to Pinterest. maybe I just don’t get it yet. I like tumblr, it’s like Twitter on steroids. As for Google+, I think Google really needs to rethink the entire interface and presentation. I just don’t like it right now.

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