The Challenge

While I can happily admit that I am enjoying writing erotica, I must also confess (a small confessions since I am sure I’ve mentioned it before) that I started writing the current batch and style of erotica in answer to a challenge. A friend started writing and publishing short erotica stories before me and boasted about how well he was doing with his Amazon sales (less so Barnes and Noble). So the challenge was made, see if I could match his sales. I had six months to do so with up to twelve titles, not including collections.

He does have one huge advantage; output. He can write a 5000 word story in a few hours and the work he puts into proof reading, editing, and covers is as near as zero as one divided by infinity.

I am quite the opposite. With all the duties of family, home and work, I get a bit of time left each day if I am lucky. When I write, whatever I write, I like to get a story planned and told, and then proofread, edit, get a friend/partner to read it, edit again, then format it for publishing on Amazon Kindle. Making the cover can take anywhere from minutes to hours if I have to work from my own photographs (choosing, editing, correcting, layout design, and so on). And even then my efforts look like they were cobbled together in 5 minutes or less.

So my output is currently running at one story per week. I’m not just writing erotica. There my output is a staggering one story per month. That will speed up as lfie relaxes a little, and life has been hectic.

The main difference between us, and the crux of the challenge is in our approach. He relies on word of mouth for the titles and the type of erotica he writes. I choose to try to promote myself first and the writings second.

October is my third month, and my chances of winning the challenge are looking shaky. It’s not total sales fortunately, just what I can manage in the sixth month. Three and a half months to go.


3 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. It’s not quantity. It’s quality and always has been. If you can tell a story, and tell it well, you’ll win the challenge hands down. I should point out, though, that it’s all down to social networking and promoting these days… if your story doesn’t get out there… no-one can read it. Life is vicious.

    If I can help in the promotion, let me know. I have a blog that’s all yours, should you require it 😉

    • Thanks. I might take you up on that. That’s what the challenge is though, not just the writing (he admits he’s not that good a writer, though he’s better than the majority of erotica i’ve seen on BN and Amazon) but the different approaches. He has done well just on the titles, subject matter and blook descriptions, but that was then. Amazon changes (filtering etc) have actually really hit his sales. The visibility of erotica depends much more now on social media than it did just ten months ago. If we had the bet on the of what he makes now, I’d probably already be winning and I’m doing terribly 🙂

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