Got to get down to some work today, starting with research.  I love research. Tends to boil down to reading via Google.  But I just get lost in research. Not always a good thing. How do you stop yourself getting so lost in the world that you read about?


That’s today ruined

Hate it when real life interrupts for days on end. And now, a PC rootkit virus. Worst suggestion so far: just reformat your hard disk. Dealing with it. But damn, if this doesn’t kill my creativity and my mood.

Men Swear

(Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt)

‘I was an orphan at six, sent to foster parents in Dundee, and made my own way back down to London when I reached 18.’

The sex is great; the conversation is dull. And getting duller. That was the third mention of his being an orphan.

‘I got a job selling coats. Expanded that to outerwear of all kinds, and in two years I was running three menswear shops out of the East End.’

I might have replied but for the ball-gag. Making any noise now would just make him think I was enjoying the conversation instead of the sex. Beginning to think this talk excites him.

‘Sold it all when I was 50. Retired to Spain. Even played golf with Ballesteros. Couldn’t stand the heat though. Came back last year. Bought this place. Did it up. Added 30k to the value too. Estate agent thinks it will sell quickly.’

Please just come already. Pretty please, just fill that condom and be done.

‘And then he tried to hit me with a forklift.’


Cat Sitting

Damn cat. Spooked itself while in its litter tray. Fled, leaving a trail of crap across the floor. This cat-sitting favour is going badly. Doesn’t matter how cute a cat or kitten can be, the smells and mess and everything is just awful.

Their food smells like vomit,
The cat litter tray,
The times they don’t use the litter tray,
The ever loving cat vomit after food,
Presents you tread on in the morning (URGH!),
Cat hair on everything,
Watching as they lick their butt clean, then immediately come to give you a nice lick.

I am not a cat person.

French Lessons

ImageFrench Lessons is up and available. I have to admit the title is a little cliched, but it came after a dozen or so attempts at changing it from the original concept which involved an adult brother and sister relationship. Also a browse across the Internet for the various interpretations of Amazon’s Content Guidelines hinted very strongly at a large number of words being disallowed or getting the story filtered. So ‘French Lessons’ it is.

The title is actually the first working title I gave it a couple of years ago when I wrote the original (and very different) version. That read like a bad theater production and is better left undisturbed.

The story is a based on a mix of two real events. One recounted from a girlfriend who had a sexual encounter with two brothers. The other was twenty years ago when me and my friends were working as Au-pairs for various families in Surrey. However, It is a work of fiction, and not even the names needed to be changed to protect the not so innocent.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

R.M. xx