Rewrites suck

I like writing new things. I even like editing. However, I do not like total rewrites. The story I am working on that I really thought would be a light edit turned into a nightmare. It’s only 7000 words, but having to try to keep the plot, the scenes, the continuity, and then change it all so that it doesn’t read like the piece of garbage it was.

It feels strangely stale. Maybe it is my own dislike of rewriting things. How can three sex scenes that were really hot in my head, I really SAW them, and they were good enough to get me horny… how can they end up so dry on paper. Was going to put the original out on here but I am so embarrassed by it I think it’s never going to see the light of day.

Will give it to my partner to proof read tonight. If it doesn’t turn him on, it gets binned.

Feeling blah now. Time for some sunshine.


5 thoughts on “Rewrites suck

  1. There are days and there are those sorts of days. Sometimes it’s just you… who thinks it’s bad, that is 😉 Let the other half have a read and I’m sure he’ll prove your doubts wrong.

    On the plus side, at least you haven’t got writers block. I have LOL. ~Sits at keyboard for three hours and writes three words~

    • Oh today has been a waste of time. At least I got a lot done for the first half of the week. Today just ran away from me, but it’s not over yet. But, blah. Reasons. Should just go for a walk or a run or put my feet up.

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  3. I sympathize. I’m fully rewriting a 670-page story. It took me about 4 months to get to page 100… I keep worrying that I’m forgetting to add something important, and that when I remember it later it will make me have to rewrite the whole thing again.

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